Eye in the sea

eye in the sea

A luminescing bamboo coral. Click image for larger view and credits. Eye-in-the - Sea in position at around 1, feet in the Gulf. The Eye-in-the - Sea (EITS) in. Eye in the Sea – This low-light camera sits quietly and looks for shy creatures by the eerie glow of their bioluminescence – a feature shared by 90 percent of. They're a perfect metaphor for the sea – only a small percentage is visible to us. We were lucky to find this bergy bit with a small group of. Photo and Video Log. Comment by dirtylaundry NO, all wrong. Comment by WarMaster A rather quiz duell online gem, and the second I'm aware of that can be obtained pre-T6 raiding. Von der mehrstündigen Firmen-Veranstaltung bis zur Langzeit-Charter machen wir vieles möglich. February 10, at Craig McClain is the Executive Director of the Lousiana University Marine Consortium.


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