Dragon age anders romance

dragon age anders romance

He is a companion in Dragon Age II and a potential one in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. In the former he is also a romance option for Hawke. This is from my play through of Dragon Age 2 as a very confused and grumpy blood mage who had a rival. Sort of a cartoon glued from DA2 scenes, based around Anders and fem Hawke friendship romance.


Dragon Age 2: Hawke and Anders (Friendship) Romance part 1 She also states her belief that he wishes death so that the people whom he killed receive justice as. Anders mag männliche wie weibliche Hawkes. If the amount of friendship is high enough, Hawke can tell Anders that they might have understood if he'd only told. Anders agrees that there is still time, then Justice takes over and demands that Hawke leave, saying "Anders has no need of you". But he went too far. dragon age anders romance

Dragon age anders romance - kommen diesem

Read more in this series X. This companion quest is called Dissent. Anders was the spark Because she's still in love with him, no matter how much she hates it. Later, if Hawke survives and travels to Weisshaupt, Varric will mention that Anders will reunite with them if Justice hasn't driven him mad or he hasn't been killed. Hawke keeps finding Anders's manifestos all over the High Town estate.


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